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Short 3 PCS Weaves
Short 3 PCS Weaves HH Maintenance Bonding Technique


MilkyWay Coil Curl 3PCS Sensationnel Free Wave 6-7-8"
MilkyWay Cork Screw 3PCS" Sensationnel J Curl 5-6-7"
MilkyWay Diva Curl 3PCS Sensationnel Setting Curl 6-7-8"
MilkyWay Ripple Curl 3PCS Sensationnel Pre Curl French 5-6-7"
MilkyWay Classic Wave 3PCS Sensationnel Mini Spring Curl 5-6-7"
MilkyWay Body Wave 3PCS Sensationnel Jerry Curl 6-7-8"
MilkyWay Yaky Wrap 3PCS  
MilkyWay Water Deep 2PCS  
MilkyWay Jerry Bob 2PCS Select a desired color:
MilkyWay Afro Tempest 2PCS Select Quantity:
MilkyWay SG-27PCS Price :$
MilkyWay Afro Kinky Weave 2PCS


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